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  • April

    Saint John | 7:30 pm
    Imperial Theatre
  • April

    Halifax | 7:30 pm
    Rebecca Cohn

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1 week ago

Bette MacDonald

Emily Bronte wrote, "Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same." With that in mind, Maynard and I have a very romantic Valentine's Day planned. He is going to re-caulk a bathtub, (you heard me) whilst I will be vacuuming enough dog hair to make another similarly sized dog. And tonight, a Scrabble game. And when he puts a word like, "Gherkins" on a triple word score, I won't say, "Ah for #%$@sake!" No. I will say, "Good one Hon." See? Love.
Happy Valentine's Day all!!

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4 weeks ago

Bette MacDonald


Featuring the powerhouse foursome of Bette MacDonald, Heather Rankin, Lucy MacNeil (Barra MacNeils), Jenn Sheppard and a rockin’ back-up band, Island Girls delivers an evening of Cape Breton musical treasures, tributes, brilliant comedy and a trip down memory lane. Heartwarming, hilarious and surprising!

Saint John, Imperial theatre – Sunday, April 19 7:30 pm

Imperial Theatre Bette MacDonald Lucy MacNeil Heather Rankin Music Jenn Sheppard #SaintJohn #music #comedy #spring

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