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  • April

    Saint John | 7:30 pm
    Imperial Theatre
  • April

    Halifax | 7:30 pm
    Rebecca Cohn

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9 months ago

Bette MacDonald
If 2020 was a boyfriend, he would be the kind who looks pretty good at first but who, over time, shows himself to be a conman, a swindler, a flimflammer who, piece by piece, robs you of your valuables. Thankfully, he's on his way out the door. So long, arsehole!!As challenging and frustrating and scary as 2020 was, it wasn't all bad. It gave us time with our family members, those by blood and those by choice.We watched friends, neighbors and strangers step up in big and small ways to help out as best they could.It gave us superheroes in the form of healthcare workers, essential service workers and the great, Dr. Strang.It took a lot..... a lot...... but we figured it out.So, here we are.... standing in front of 2021, a little older, a lot wiser and now scrappy enough to take on whatever this new year brings.So with a hopeful heart.... I ask...... 2021............... will you accept this rose?I wish you all the very best in the New Year! xoxoxo ...
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